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Persona app is the flagship product of FirstBatch that uses both HollowDB and DANNY. In this application, the user signs in using a few options:

  • Email & Password

  • Google Account

  • MetaMask

In the first two options, a wallet is created for the user in the background. With the wallet, the user signs a constant reference string, and the signature is SHA256 hashed to obtain a secret. The Poseidon hash of this secret will be the key in HollowDB for this user!

After signing in, an AI model scans the social media profiles and activities of the user and generates a vector embedding from it. The resulting vector is stored in HollowDB at the user's key as described previously.

Here is the catch: only the user will be able to update & remove their key at HollowDB. They do this by generating a zero-knowledge proof of preimage knowledge of their key (which they can because they know the secret). HollowDB's smart contract verifies this using SnarkJS, within SmartWeave!

Try out Persona app below:

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